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1.5 m portable round small tape measure

產品編號 ST3309 Category

The 1.5-meter portable round small tape measure adopts a circular design, which has a beautiful appearance and a simple shape. The ruler body and the tape measure sleeve are made of high-quality materials to ensure strength and durability; the scale of the small tape measure is clearly visible, the marking is accurate, and the scale is made of meters and feet, which can meet a variety of measurement needs; it is simple to use, just pull it gently, you can unfold the tape measure for measurement, and after use, you only need to press it lightly, and the tape measure will automatically retract, which is very convenient and easy to store. The 1.5m portable round small tape measure is a practical and easy-to-carry measurement tool, suitable for all kinds of home, school, factory, workshop and other occasions, is your best choice when you go out.

Accurate measurement, no deformation, no fading

Double-sided scale printing, metric on one side and imperial on the other

Soft tape measure with clear scales

The color pull tab pulls out the automatic fixed card position, which can be retracted by pressing easily

The edges are rounded, the workmanship is delicate, and the stitching is neat

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