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10000mAh power bank with suction cup stand

Material: Plastic + electronic components
Dimensions : 148 x 70 x 17mm
Packing: Boxed

Wireless fast charging, make your mobile power bank more convenient!

The unique suction cup holder, whether in the office, at home or in the car, can be quickly charged by simply placing it on the suction cup holder without worrying about the obstruction of the charging cable.

The use of high-quality enameled double coil ensures fast and stable wireless output. The dual-coil design increases the speed of charging even more, allowing your device to be fully charged in a short time.

This power bank is equipped with a radio wave blocking magnet to ensure the health of pregnant women and children. At the same time, we also provide a variety of models of magnetic separators to meet different charging needs.

The suction cup holder is designed to be strong enough to be firmly attached to the phone and not easy to slip off. The 8 kiss suction cups are symmetrically distributed to provide a more stable attachment and keep your phone in the right position at all times.
Make the suction cup holder power bank a must-have in your life, and make charging more convenient and fast!
In addition, Times Gift provides one-to-one professional mobile power supply customization service, and customizes exclusive LOGO on the surface of the mobile power supply as an event gift or souvenir to make your corporate brand more widely known;
Times sincerely invites you to explore gift customization services, we have many years of customized experience for products such as power bank customization, large-capacity power bank and power bank printing.
Not only does it stand for high quality and craftsmanship, but it also reflects a deep concern for you and your customers.