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Christmas handmade puzzle wooden puzzles

Material : Plush fabric
Size : 13 x 7.5 x 3.5
Packing: OPP/Box

產品編號 HG3345 Category


Jigsaw puzzle is a popular puzzle game, which can develop children’s brain power and imagination through a variety of patterns, and improve their cognitive level; this puzzle puzzle uses a delicate tin box as the outer packaging, the tin box is high-end and atmospheric, beautiful in appearance, and easier to store; the surface of the tin box and the puzzle are printed in the style of Santa Claus, which can highlight the festive atmosphere, and is very suitable as a promotional gift for Christmas merchants, and is also suitable for promotional gifts for children’s educational institutions.

& Details &

1. The puzzle is made of thickened Shanghai fiber board, the material is hard and durable, not deformed, safe and environmentally friendly;

2. The puzzle pieces are intimate and gentle, cut and formed with imported knives, smooth and burr-free, and do not hurt children’s delicate hands;

3. The pattern adopts environmentally friendly sticker technology, and the pattern is clearly visible to attract the attention of children;

4. Cartoon puzzles help exercise concentration, sense of space and logical thinking, and become a good helper for children to educate and entertain.

& How to use &

1. Refer to the iron box, spell according to the drawings, suitable for the first time;

2. After being proficient in puzzles, do not refer to the drawings and puzzles, exercise hand-eye coordination, recognition ability, sense of space, concentration, memory, etc.;

3. The numbers on the back of the puzzle, educate children about the numbers from 1 to 60, and the puzzle pieces can be arranged in order according to the order.