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Compact and easy to carry the filter thermos cup

Material: Stainless steel

產品編號 BT3016 Category

The appearance design of the small portable filter thermos cup is exquisite, with a simple and elegant design, the appearance is small and cute; the high-quality 304 stainless steel liner is selected, which can maintain its appearance and thermal insulation efficiency in long-term use; it is equipped with a filter function, which can block the tea, Coffee grounds and other impurities into the drink, so as to ensure the taste and quality of the drink, suitable for people who like to make tea or coffee outdoors, with anti-drop function, made of special materials, can resist strong impact and fall, very suitable for people who like outdoor sports or tourism, with good thermal insulation effect, it is made of high-quality insulation materials, in a short time can keep the water heat at a high temperature, so that it is especially suitable for winter or people who need to go out for a long time. The small and portable filter anti-drop thermos cup is a practical and convenient thermos cup, with a variety of functions such as filter, anti-drop and heat preservation, and is a drink container that is very suitable for outdoor sports or tourism.


Enjoy it with your hand, and look like a water cup

Silicone soft rope

Fashionable tail design, just mention it, no matter how heavy it is, you won’t strangle your hands

Small, lightweight, and easy to hold

Lightweight and convenient, it feels good in the hand, and it is easier to carry it with one hand

Grab and go

It’s small and fits easily in your pocket

Worry-free on the go

Compact size, easy to carry and efficiently sealed, not afraid of bumps

Contrasting design, carrying a filter, tea flavor is more fragrant

304 stainless steel liner

Corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, odorless, safe to use

360° is not afraid of inversion

Inner food-grade silicone ring, double leak-proof design, inverted without spillage

200ML/260ML optional The size and capacity can be selected as you like