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Creative solid wood building block perpetual calendar

Material : Wood
Dimensions : 94 x 41 x 52

產品編號 ST3500 Category

If you’re tired of the cookie-cutter paper desk calendar and want to add something new to your space, this creative solid wood perpetual calendar is the best choice for you!

Selected log material, wood strips for the month, wood blocks for the date, can be used every year, practical wood cubes are not afraid of all erosion

In addition to the traditional practical functions, the combination of simple elements increases the effect of desktop decoration and enhances the overall home taste.

Building block splicing method, the date can be adjusted at hand, and the tumbling adjustment is carried out at will;

This creative solid wood building block perpetual calendar can be used not only as a desk calendar but also as an office ornament, bringing convenience and practicality. Times Gift can be personalized according to your needs, making it a highly creative and practical promotional gift.