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Creative three-dimensional national style wall calendar

Material: Wood
Size : 330 x 330

產品編號 ST3501 Category


Delicate embossed bronzing Fu characters, the pattern is textured, the printing is exquisite, with a wooden material Fu word pendant, both sides of the Fu word tags; the inner page is made of 55G light paper, containing dates, daily taboos, holidays, etc., rich in content; the back is bound with copper nuts, firm and durable; with silk lanyards, firm and durable, take it freely.

Creative three-dimensional national style wall calendar, this is a unique and artistic atmosphere of the promotional gifts. The combination of traditional monthly calendars and desk calendars with three-dimensional art presents a unique visual effect. It is inspired by the national style elements, using the technique of three-dimensional paper-cutting or three-dimensional collage, and presents the patterns and numbers of each month in a three-dimensional form. Not only does this make it easy for users to check dates and schedules, but they also enjoy beautiful works of art. Provide gift customization services, so that you can customize this special three-dimensional Chinese style wall calendar according to your needs and brand image.

Times Gifts provides a customized calendar service, so that your brand or promotional information can appear on the wall calendar of each month. This custom design can increase your brand’s exposure and keep your message in the eyes of your customers.

In addition, Times Gifts also provides wall calendar design services to give your wall calendar a unique look and design. Our design team will create an attractive wall calendar design based on your requirements and brand image to make your gift more visually outstanding.

The creative three-dimensional national style wall calendar of the era gift is an ideal promotional gift, which is not only practical, but also able to make your brand and promotional information be widely displayed. Whether as a year-end gift, a business gift or a promotional gift, this three-dimensional Chinese style wall calendar can meet your needs and bring surprises and artistic feasts to the recipient.