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Cute cartoon shape double-walled children’s bento box

Material: plastic PP
Size: 10*10*11.8 cm
Packing: OPP bag/canvas bag

產品編號 KW4088 Category Tag

The cute cartoon shape double decker children’s bento box is a gift option with a unique design and suitable for children. It features cute cartoon shapes that grab your child’s attention and make the meal even more fun. This bento box has two levels that allow for separate staples and side dishes, making it easy to carry and organise your food.

Times Gift provides gift customization services, and you can customize cute cartoon double-layer children’s lunch boxes according to your children’s preferences and interests. You can choose different cartoon looks, such as animals, plants, or story characters, to make the gift more personal and interesting. We can also print your child’s name or a specially designed pattern according to your request to add to the uniqueness of the gift.

In addition to the bento box itself, Times Gift also provides tableware customization services, and you can choose matching tableware, such as spoons, forks, chopsticks, etc. These cutlery are paired with cute cartoon-shaped children’s bento boxes, which are not only easy to carry, but also add to the fun of dining. We can choose safe and non-toxic materials to make tableware to ensure the health and safety of children.

The cute cartoon-shaped children’s bento box is also an ideal corporate gift option, especially for the children of employees or customers. You can print your business’s logo or slogan on a bento box to showcase your corporate identity and brand values. This can not only serve as a practical gift, but also increase the image and favorability of the business. At the same time, this bento box can also show the company’s care for families and children, and reflect the company’s sense of social responsibility.