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Cute square plastic fashion water bottle

Material: PC+PP
Size: 58x58x214(mm)
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 BT3055 Category


The square water cup is made of food PP and PC, and has been strictly inspected to contain BPAB, BPA, BPA, and plasticizers. The lid is equipped with high-quality leak-proof silicone, which is high-strength drop and impact resistant to withstand the harsh environment. It can withstand the temperature of the liquid reaching the boiling point, and can also withstand low temperatures, and can be used in the refrigerator (-20 degrees Celsius-120 degrees Celsius), easy to clean, and not easy to leave odors when reused.

& Details &

1. Made of food-grade PP and PC material, non-toxic and tasteless, you can use it with confidence;

2. Smooth and round cup design, drinking water is more convenient and healthy;

3. Thickened anti-slip cup bottom design, stable placement, more assured use;

4. Comfortable and durable portable carrying rope, especially suitable for outdoor carrying.

& Tips &

Brand new water bottles will have a little bit of a smell, which is normal, and here are a few small ways to help get rid of odors:

1. Hot water to remove the smell, introduce the hot water into the cup and leave it for 2 hours, and finally wash the water bottle;

2. To remove the milk flavor, pour 2 tablespoons of fresh milk into the cup, tighten the lid and shake evenly for about 1 minute, finally pour out the milk and wash the water bottle;

3. Remove the orange peel, put the fresh orange peel into the cup, let it sit for about 4 hours, and finally wash the water bottle;

4. To remove the toothpaste, brush the inner wall of the water bottle with a toothbrush and clean it with hot water.