Gift assortment

Diatomaceous earth absorbent coasters

Material: Diatomaceous earth
Size: Different sizes can be customized
Packing: OPP bag

A variety of patterns are available to meet your various personalized needs, and support customized customization to create unique gifts for you;

Diatomaceous earth absorbent coasters have strong water absorption power and can keep the tabletop dry and fresh, which is very practical.

It can be customized according to the needs of customers, printing various patterns, suitable for a variety of occasions, can be used for corporate activities, increase the company’s image publicity, and can also be used as advertising promotion or gifts, the effect is very good.

A good gift is a good gift, a quality and practical gift is a representative of the corporate brand image, a good gift must have a high-quality service provider.
Choose the gift of the times, choose unique, choose the quality! The surface can be printed in a wide range, can be customized LOGO or corporate brand slogan, as a promotional gift or corporate gift, even a business gift is also a good choice, improve the promotion effect of the corporate brand image! Let the coaster of Times Gift become the exclusive endorsement of your brand, show your personality and taste. Contact us now to customize your exclusive speaker and let the music go with the times!