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Engraved and colored Chinese style musical instrument bookmark

Material : Wood

產品編號 ST3507 Category


The shape of the bookmark is derived from the “Quxiang Pipa” and “Long-necked Pipa”, and the combination of Chinese painting and carving
Engrave the four gentlemen of Meilan, bamboo and chrysanthemum, indifferent and bright, accompanied by insects and birds, natural and elegant, painted and embellished, echoing each other
Fill in the picture of flowers and birds
The origin of Chinese flower and bird painting is contrasted according to its definition of “the object of expression includes all animals and plants other than human beings in nature”.
As an independent painting, it pushes the painting of flowers and birds to the realm of real realism?
Engraving process: Hand filling
After meticulously carved and hand-decorated, with solid wood texture, the overall vitality is presented, presenting a different ancient charm
Chinese knot tassels
The gold thread decoration shows the oriental charm smoothly and full
Product festival display
Exquisite American style gift box packaging