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Hhei flashlight wireless power bank

產品編號 EL3440 Category


Dazzling brightness and versatile!Hhei flashlight wireless power bank
Large capacity of 10000mAh, strong battery life, no longer worry about running out of power halfway, plus LED lighting, outdoor is not afraid of darkness;
Wireless charging, convenient and fast, intelligent control, charging as soon as you put it on, and automatically power off when you take it off:
USB and micro input and output for easy charging, LED cold light to indicate battery level, accurate and reliable
Keep your power in your hands and arrange your use reasonably
Simple and easy to use, light and portable, it is more convenient to go out;
Mobile power has become an indispensable product for daily outing, and the emergence of wireless power makes it more convenient for us to charge and bring more convenience to life!
The wireless charging power bank of Times Gift is not only practical, but also has a fashionable design, which is an ideal choice for business event gifts and practical gifts.
Customize the company’s exclusive LOGO on the surface of the mobile power supply to make the company’s brand more widely known;