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Intelligent digital display thermos cup

Intelligent digital display thermos cup, built-in stainless steel tea divider, sealed bottle cap spiral design, portable and non-leaking

Material: Stainless steel metal
Size: 18.3*6.5cm
Capacity: 380ml/500ml
Packing: Carton

The intelligent digital display thermos cup, with its fashionable appearance design, is exciting.
Food-grade 316 stainless steel has been carefully selected to resist corrosion and high temperatures, ensuring that your drinks are always fresh and warm.

Not only does it have an intelligent digital display function, but it also has a built-in stainless steel tea divider, so that you can enjoy fresh tea anytime and anywhere. The unique screw design of the sealed cap ensures that there will be no leakage when portable, making your travel easier and more worry-free.

A variety of capacity options are available to meet your different needs and preferences.

The stainless steel cup divider and reflux lid make it easy to enjoy tea and other beverages. And the function of one-button intelligent temperature display allows you to know how hot and cold your drink is without opening the bottle cap.
Beautifully packaged in a gift box, it is a great choice for gifts, whether it is used as a business gift, an event gift or a festive gift, as a gift for family and friends or a business partner, it can show your taste and care.
Times Gifts is a professional personalized custom gift company, providing various types of customized services, whether as advertising cups, mugs or gifts, this smart digital display thermos mug will be a practical and quality choice, can bring good advertising effects to your business or personal brand.
Choose a customized thermos cup for Times Gifts to make your drinking experience more fashionable, comfortable and convenient!

The intelligent digital display thermos cup is not only a practical drink container, but also a good partner for your warm companionship. Let’s feel its convenience, practicality and high quality to meet all your expectations for a thermos mug.