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Japanese-style bamboo and wood tableware

Material: cotton + bamboo / cotton + stainless steel

Product size: 30 x 21 cm

Packing:OPP bag

產品編號 KW3001 Category

It’s a versatile carry-on bag that is a great companion when you’re out dining or traveling. This cloth bag can be used as a placemat when unfolded, giving you a clean and hygienic platform when eating. At the same time, you can combine and match the tableware according to your needs, you can choose between wooden cutlery or stainless steel cutlery, and make a choice according to personal preferences and environmental needs.

The bag pattern can also be tailored according to customer requirements, you can choose your favorite pattern or design to make the bag more personalized. As environmental awareness increases, we encourage the use of reusable tableware so that you can do your part for the planet while dining, reduce the use of disposable tableware and practice a green lifestyle.

Our carry-on bags are not only convenient and practical, but also help you reduce your reliance on disposable utensils, making you more eco-friendly and healthy when eating out.