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Magic wand folding stand power bank

Material: Lithium polymer battery
Size : 160x45x20
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 EL3062 Category

The magic wand folding stand power bank perfectly combines the power bank, data cable and mobile phone holder of the 3-in-1 charging artifact! Whether it’s watching dramas or recharging, you can enjoy the perfect experience!

At the same time, it also supports charging two mobile phones at the same time, meeting your multi-device charging needs, and making it more convenient to go out and live in daily life!
& Details &
1. Upgrade the smart cell, charging does not hurt the machine, compatible with Apple, Android, Type-C, USB and other interfaces, to achieve multi-functional and high-efficiency charging;
2. Curved design, protect the data cable from bending without creases, and make your data cable more durable;
3. LED power display, four lights are displayed in a row, so that you can clearly understand the remaining power;
4. Creative stand, free your hands, watch while charging, and watch movies and dramas with ease. Make your entertainment time even more enjoyable!

This 3-in-1 folding stand power bank is not only powerful, but also has a compact design, adding convenience and fun to life. Whether it’s for personal use or as a gift, it’s an excellent gift choice!
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