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Magnetic phone holder on the back of the cortex

Material: PU
Size: 55*55*0.8 mm
Packing: OPP bag

The Leather Back Magnetic Phone Holder is a stylish and practical phone accessory with a unique design and versatility. The back of this phone holder is made of high-quality leather materials, with a delicate texture, a fashionable appearance, and a magnetic function, providing a more convenient use experience.

The magnetic design of this phone holder allows it to be easily fixed on various metal surfaces, such as car interiors, desks, kitchen utensils, etc., providing you with a variety of usage scenarios. Whether you’re navigating in the car, watching a video at your desk, or using a recipe in your kitchen, this phone holder provides easy support and fixation.

In addition, this phone holder can adjust the angle and orientation of the stand, allowing you to adjust the display angle of the phone according to your needs, providing a more comfortable use experience.

The leather back magnetic phone holder is not only functional, but also has a sleek design that can add a personal touch to your phone. Its delicate leather back design makes it a stylish phone accessory as well as a practical little item for life.

Overall, the leather back magnetic phone holder combines a sleek look, versatility, and ease of use to bring more fun and convenience to your phone use.

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