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Meng Rabbit light control LED timer alarm clock

Material: ABS+PS+silicone
Dimensions : 175 x 94 x 72.6

產品編號 EL3241 Category


Creative intelligent cute rabbit shape alarm clock, sound screen time display, automatic screensaver;You can set the soft luminous delay to go out, and you are no longer afraid of the dark when you sleep;6 groups of interesting chord ringtones, so that the alarm clock is no longer monotonous, and you can also adjust the size of the ringtone to take care of the different needs of different people;The alarm clock comes with a magnetic attraction, which can be adsorbed on any iron product, or can be placed on the desktop, cute rabbit shape, fashionable and cute.
& Details &
1.1500mAh lithium battery, long-lasting battery life;
2. You can switch between 12/24 hours and C°/F° according to personal preference or requirements;
3. Two sets of alarm settings, don’t miss important things;
4. A variety of fresh macaron colors are available.
Turn on the lights at regular intervals and wake up in the morning
In the morning, 10 minutes before the alarm goes off, the lights slowly turn on, allowing you to wake up naturally, plus the alarm clock double insurance allows you to wake up without missing a problem
The soft light night light is delayed and you are not afraid of the dark
If you are afraid of darkness at night, set a soft glow delay of 30 minutes or 60 minutes to automatically turn off, and when you fall asleep, she will help you turn off the light
Snooz off and get five more minutes of sleep
When the alarm goes off, tap the desk, press the mean button or shake the alarm clock, the alarm clock will be paused, and it will ring again after 5 minutes, which can be repeated twice to sleep more
The product has a strong magnetic attachment that can be attached to the freezer or other iron parts, and can also be placed on the table for easy timing and viewing
Tap the bright screen, high-five the bright screen, shake the bright screen