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Multi-functional wireless charging phone holder

Material: PC+ABS
Size: 80*80*137 mm
Weight: 0.13kg
Packing: OPP bag/carton

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The multi-functional wireless charging aromatherapy phone holder is an innovative mobile phone accessory that combines a variety of practical functions. This phone holder can not only support the phone, but also has wireless charging and aromatherapy functions, providing users with more convenience and comfort.

First of all, this phone holder has a wireless charging function, which can provide a convenient charging experience for mobile phones compatible with wireless charging, without using a charging cable, just place the phone on the stand to achieve charging, bringing users a more convenient experience.

Secondly, this mobile phone holder also has an aromatherapy function, and the holder is equipped with an aromatherapy hole, which can be used with aromatherapy oil, allowing users to enjoy pleasant aromatherapy while using the mobile phone, helping to relieve stress and improve work efficiency.

In addition, this phone holder also has the function of supporting the phone, and the design is reasonable, which can firmly support the phone of various sizes, allowing users to view the phone screen more comfortably.

The design of the multi-functional wireless charging aromatherapy phone holder combines wireless charging, aromatherapy and mobile phone support functions, providing users with an all-round use experience, and it is also a mobile phone accessory full of innovation and practical value.