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PD fast charging mobile phone charger

Material : PC
Dimensions : 76 x 32 x 39

產品編號 EL3228 Category
PD fast charging mobile phone charger, a portable energy station, made for fast!
GaN X 65W super fast charging, the charger uses gallium nitride black technology to make charging faster and more efficient. The choice of innovative materials improves thermal conductivity while reducing the size and heat generation of the charger.
It will be fully charged in an instant, so you can travel quickly! And our chargers are highly compatible, which can safely protect your phone from damage. All three are fast charging, home travel, one is enough!
No matter how many devices you need to fast charge at the same time, our chargers have you covered. What’s more, it’s small and portable, so you can put it anywhere.
The built-in intelligent high-stability and high-performance protection chip can intelligently identify the charging status and protect the safety of your device. The load is automatically powered off, and you can sleep well through the night with fast charging.
It is not only a charging stand, but also your fashion accessories! Make your life more convenient and stylish! Now have this 3-in-1 magnetic wireless charging stand, so that charging is no longer troublesome, and the style is more unique!
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