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Portable stainless steel double-layer thermos cup

Material : Stainless steel
SIZE : 500ML
Packing: Carton
Printing: Silk screen printing

產品編號 BT3026 Category


304 is not made of steelAustenitic 304 stainless steel liner with 8 laser process coatings, layer by layer to lock the temperature and block heat insulation

The cup body is strong and more resistant to falling, the surface sandblasting process feels comfortable, and it is beautiful and pays more attention to anti-slip;

One-key opening of the lid of the cup, good sealing, round and smooth cup mouth, bringing a comfortable experience, portable lifting ring, easy to take;

360° inverted water-tight, after thousands of drop tests, every time intact;

500ml large-capacity long-lasting heat preservation, 90 °C hot water insulation for 6 hours is still above 55 °C;

The hand-held handle is portable and easy to carry, so you can drink anytime, anywhere;

Office, home, and out, suitable for any scenario.