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Stainless steel insulated water bottles

Material: 18/8 stainless steel, PP

Product size: 6.5 cm x 23 cm

Packing: Boxed

The vacuum stainless steel thermos flask can effectively maintain the temperature of the beverage, the hot water can be kept warm for about 10 hours, and the cold water can be kept cold for about 30 hours.

The cap is easy to open: the cap can be opened and closed quickly without rotating it to 360 degrees.

Smooth neck design: The smooth bottle mouth with carefully polished design makes it more convenient for you to drink directly.

18/8 non-sylphant steel material: double-layer vacuum 18/8 non-sylphant steel top material to build.

Suitable for both hot and cold drinks: the vacuum bottle gives you the best insulating and insulating ice retention effect.

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