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The Year of the Rat festive creative desk calendar

Material : Paper
Size : 185 x 240
Packing: OPP/Box

產品編號 HG3105 Category


Rat in ancient times homonym for blessing, so there is a blessing rat saying, meaning blessing, and mice like to store food, there is also a symbol of “abundant food and clothing”, “food and clothing” symbol, rats since ancient times is a thing of spitting money, is the God of Wealth in the hands of the beast, just as the Year of the Rat arrives, the Year of the Rat zodiac calendar in addition to the calendar function, but also the Year of the Rat Nafu, Baifu Linmen, Wishing you prosperity on the beautiful meaning, a desk calendar universal throughout the year, not only a corporate gift for personal use, but also a very practical New Year’s gift to customer business partners.

1. Exquisite pattern modeling, with bronzing hollow technology, giving away for personal use are very high-grade;

2. The bronzing color is bright and full, clear and even;

3. High-quality coated paper material, thick and comfortable, good writing experience

4. Coil page turning design, easy to use, read and watch, remarks more relaxed;

5. The inner page is beautifully designed, with high-quality ink, which makes the product more exquisite and beautiful.