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Towels in the shape of red wine bottles

The red wine bottle shaped towel, made of high-quality data, is soft and comfortable, absorbent, suitable for daily use, inspired by red wine, beautifully designed, unique and eye-catching.

Size: 35*75cm
Material: Cotton/microfiber
Package: OPP

產品編號 TW3084 Category

High-quality materials, using high-quality fiber, durable, soft and delicate, to give you a different enjoyment!
Qingmei red wine shape packaging, smooth and smooth bottle body, smooth and smooth lines, carefully matched packaging design, add a little fun to yourself, so that life is full of unexpected surprises!
Quality assurance “face”, carefully selected fabrics, fine fibers, soft as cotton wool, smooth as silk.
This wine-shaped towel is perfect as an event gift or business gift. Whether it’s attending a conference, exhibition, showcase, company annual meeting, product launch, this gift can add a unique highlight to your event. At the same time, it is also a perfect gift option to give to your customers, partners, or employees to show your appreciation and care for them.

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