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Wine bottle shape folding advertising umbrella

Material: Polyester + Carbon + Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy

Product dimensions: 580 x 280 x 330 mm

Packing: Boxed

產品編號 UB3001 Category

Wine bottle shape shell folding umbrella as a custom option for gifts. This unique umbrella is not only practical, but also brings a unique message to your brand and event.

The appearance of this bottle-shaped folding umbrella is very interesting, and the shell of the umbrella is designed in the shape of a wine bottle. The umbrella has a high-density, water-resistant surface, which is suitable for use in both sunny and rainy days. It is made of classical and elegant lacquer material, which has a delicate appearance and strong support capacity. This unique design not only attracts people’s attention but also creates a light-hearted atmosphere. This umbrella also has a folding function, making it easy to carry, both in everyday life and when traveling.

As an event gift or promotional gift, this umbrella is an ideal choice. You can gift it to employees, customers, or attendees of an event to show how much you appreciate them. At the same time, this umbrella can also be an effective promotional tool to convey your brand message to more people.

In addition, we also offer five different colors for you to choose from to meet the preferences and needs of different groups of people. You can choose the most suitable color depending on the theme of the event or your brand image.

As an advertising umbrella, Times Gifts provides customized umbrella services to ensure that it fully meets your brand image and design requirements. You can choose colors, patterns, and materials to create a one-of-a-kind umbrella. Times Gifts also provides the service of printing LOGO, which will make your brand more visible in the hands of users and enhance brand awareness at the same time.