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3D printing pen

Material: Plastic

Product size: 20 cm x 4 cm

Packing: Boxed

Enlighten the new trend of 3D education, and create without limits, imagination UP!

The painting is smoother and smoother, the discharge is more uniform, and the stepless speed change makes the temperature more stable

The thickness and size are specially designed for children’s hands, which is comfortable to feel and will not feel tired after long-term use

The 3D three-dimensional printing pen can realize low-temperature printing of three-dimensional paintings, and it has an LCD screen that can adjust and display the temperature.

It is very easy to operate, and it is suitable for printing and making small 3D paintings, so you can develop your imagination and draw freely

Master the creativity and release the infinite possibilities! Three-dimensional printing pen, let your imagination soar in the clouds! Precise, efficient, unlimited creativity, open a new door to creation for you!

Innovative gifts can capture the hearts of children, suitable as school activity gifts, school celebration gifts, etc., to give students a colorful childhood!
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