About Times Gift:

The business is mainly concentrated in the Greater China region, which is one of the largest integrated gift networks in Asia

Times Gifts (Hong Kong) Limited

Times Gift is a Hong Kong-based company that provides one-stop customized gifts, and is committed to providing customers with the best quality gift design, development, production, logistics and distribution services. As a leading custom gift company, we have rich experience and professional skills, and continue to meet the needs of our customers through continuous innovation and upgrading. Our gift customization team has many years of experience in customized services, no matter what kind of gifts customers need, we can provide the most suitable solutions and products.

Times Gift offers a wide range of custom gift options, including souvenirs, personalized printing, corporate gifts, wedding gifts and holiday gifts. Our products cover a variety of high-quality materials, and can be customized according to customer requirements to create unique gifts for customers. Over the years, we have cooperated with more than 300 suppliers and provided more than 20,000 product customization services. Our aim is to strive to provide the best products and the best quality service to each customer.

Times Gift’s clients come from all walks of life, including corporate companies, government agencies, voluntary organizations, primary and secondary schools, and Hong Kong tertiary institutions, etc., and have cooperated with more than 3,000 Hong Kong and overseas organizations to customize gifts.

Goals and Vision

In line with the heart of integrity, responsible attitude, service customers.

Our Purpose:

Let the customers who buy gifts feel at ease and rest assured, and let the guests who receive the gifts happy and intimate.

A one-stop online gift sourcing platform

Times Gift provides a one-stop sourcing platform from consulting, product design, production, product inspection, delivery, and after-sales service to be followed up by dedicated personnel.


You can tailor the gift according to your actual needs, and you can print your favorite pattern or company logo on the gift

Good value for money

Customized gifts are also more cost-effective, and at the same time have individual characteristics, the price is also a great advantage

Excellent after-sales service

In the whole process of customization, no matter what problems are encountered, we can help customers answer questions in a timely manner, which can better meet people's needs in all aspects

Complete categories

We are a professional gift customization company, with a complete range of gifts and a variety of gifts, so that customers can choose more firmly

Save worry, time and trouble

A professional gift company can directly solve the difficulty of selection, and customers will be more worry-free, time-saving and trouble-free.

Excellent after-sales service

In the whole process of customization, no matter what problems are encountered, we can help customers answer questions in a timely manner

Times Gift's service philosophy is "Professionalism, Intentions, Innovation, and Pursuit of Excellence".

As a company providing bespoke gift services in Hong Kong, we understand the needs and expectations of our customers and are committed to meeting and exceeding their requirements for product quality and service.

We firmly believe that only professionalism can produce excellent products. Therefore, we have in-depth communication with our customers to understand the needs and preferences of each customer to ensure that they get the most satisfactory products.

Times Gift makes every product with heart, and the craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and advanced technology are all designed to make customers feel our love and dedication to gift customization.

Innovation is one of the core engines that drives the company’s growth. We encourage our employees to think positively, to identify innovative elements and to apply them to our product solutions to create an exceptional experience for our customers.

Finally, we always strive for excellence. We are constantly improving and upgrading our products and services, and strive to make every customer feel our dedication and pursuit of excellence.

Times Gift believes that these values will continue to guide us forward and succeed in Hongmao’s fast-growing gift market.

Gift customization

We specialize in customizing gifts, printing your company’s logo on the gifts, and promoting your company’s brand to our customers by giving or redeeming gifts. Our business specialists will provide professional advice, purchase the most suitable customized gifts and customized souvenirs for your company, provide design renderings, arrange gift production, printing, quality inspection and delivery services, and are deeply trusted by customers.

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Corporate and institutional clients

Printing process

The shape, material, characteristics and use of each product are different, and the design pattern is ever-changing, often using different printing methods, in order to let customers more clearly understand the printing effect, the following are several conventional gift printing methods for reference:

Pad printing


Silk screen printing

Laser engraving

Thermal transfer


Offset printing


Printed on flower paper

Epoxy printing

Local UVs

PVC epoxy

Hot silver

Flatbed color printing

Computerized jacquard