frequently asked questions

We have a simple Q&A based on the type of frequently asked questions such as product inquiry, payment method, order terms, etc

Yes, customers can click on the "I want a quote" button on the product details page, fill in the company and contact information, and the quotation will be sent to your email immediately.

1) Email enquiry

Please provide relevant product information, requirements and design drawings (if available) E-mail address:

2) Purchase order

Add the gift to the purchase order, fill in the order quantity and the required information and send it.

Yes, each customer will have different requirements, customers can provide relevant pictures or fill in relevant information, the company will arrange customer service staff to provide customized solutions, dedicated to your service.

We can customize gifts according to customer requirements, specially open relevant templates for samples and bulk production, customers can click to contact us to contact.

In the data sheet, we usually list the minimum order quantity for each product. If the quantity of the gift ordered by the customer is lower than the minimum order quantity, we are also more than happy to collect the relevant information and give back as soon as possible to meet the customer's order demand.

In general, the cost of proofing is already included in the quotation of the product. However, if the customer is not satisfied with the product of the first proofing and needs to make a second proofing, an additional fee will be charged according to the actual situation.

Normally, when Times Gifts receives an order or product inquiry from a customer, it will reply and provide a quotation on the same day or the next day. If the customer does not receive a response after two business days, it may be due to the following reasons:

There are too many inquiries about products;

Querying the product is too complicated;

The customer did not provide a contact number or email information.

The main difference between monochrome printing and color printing is the different number of ink colors used. Monochrome printing usually uses only one color of ink, while color printing requires the use of multiple colors of ink during the printing process to mix into the desired color. As a result, the cost of monochrome printing is relatively lower, and color printing can present more color levels, higher resolution images, and more delicate gradient effects, but its cost is also higher.

Our delivery time will be calculated from the date of receipt of payment and confirmation of design files, generally about 3-4 weeks (the specific time varies according to the product and order quantity).

If there are obvious quality problems (not caused by human factors) or safety hazards in the product, the customer can contact the customer service staff within 7 days after receiving the goods. The company will arrange to return to the factory for adjustment or direct return.

According to our payment method, you are required to pay in full if the purchase price is less than HK$ 5,000 yuan, and if the purchase price is more than HK$ 5,000 yuan, you need to pay a 50% deposit and the balance at the time of delivery.

Here are the payment methods we offer:

Cheque payments

Purchase card payment ( If you would like to pay with a purchase card, please let us know at the time of product inquiry. )

Normally, we send an electronic version of the invoice before we ship a large quantity of goods. However, if a government agency or other specific entity requests an original invoice, we will wait for the full payment to be made and mail the original invoice to you immediately.

Customized gifts

We specialize in customizing customized gifts, printing your company’s logo on the gifts, and promoting your company’s brand to our customers by giving or redeeming gifts. Our business specialists will provide professional advice, purchase the most suitable customized gifts and customized souvenirs for your company, provide design renderings, arrange gift production, printing, quality inspection and delivery services, and are deeply trusted by customers.