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Cold fan night light

Material:ABS / PP / PC

Product dimensions: 120 mm x 125 mm x 134 mm

Packing: Boxed

產品編號 EL3284 Category Tag

The cool fan night light has a compact body, which is perfect for bedside or desk use. It has a four-stage wind speed adjustment function, which can concentrate the wind power and cool down locally. The blinds are designed to adjust the wind direction up and down. The operation is very simple and it only takes one click to start. It also releases millions of negative ions, purifies the air, and disperses PM2.5.

Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, wireless portable use, battery life of about 8 hours (depending on the use of wind speed). It also has a lantern-like design and can be used as a night light. The design also has a small leather handle, which is very convenient for outdoor carrying.