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Colored quicksand metal pen

Material: Metal

Product size: 140 mm

Packing:OPP bag

產品編號 ST3215 Category

Creative colorful quicksand design, colorful and sparkling appearance, let you love it!

The anti-slip and anti-drop pen barrel is designed to feel comfortable and convenient for writing, and the anti-slip pen barrel can effectively prevent the ink from breaking;

Press the switch, smooth out of the pen without jamming, slender pen barrel, even if the hand is small, there will be no discomfort;

The use of selected imported wear-resistant pen nibs and ball beads, with excellent durability, the product is also designed with a precision anti-collision function, which can effectively protect the pen head and ball balls, so that they are not easy to damage.

When writing, our products provide a smooth writing experience without breaking the thread, making your writing smoother. The product’s streamlined design exudes a noble aesthetic while providing a smooth grip for comfort and ease of writing fatigue.

The surface of the pen barrel is more suitable for customizing LOGOS and patterns, as corporate gifts, and can also improve the effect of brand publicity and convey corporate image;
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