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Creative USB bladeless small fan

Material : Plastic
Dimensions : 186 x 96 x 28
Packing: Boxed

產品編號 FA3013 Category


Unique, novel and original private model appearance innovative aesthetics, creative USB bladeless small fan, wind power is 2-3 times larger than the bladeless small fan on the market, small fan 2-3 times larger, noise only reaches one-third of similar products, small volume is smaller and thinner than similar products, more suitable for carrying, bladeless fan design is safer and more fashionable, even children can be more assured to use, suitable for a wide range of people, just like a small air conditioner to carry, can bring a trace of coolness to summer!
& Details &
1.3 hours of fast charging, cool all day, two use cases are more suitable for different people, handheld and desktop, more convenient;
2.3 The wind speed can be adjusted, simulating the natural wind, comfortable and refreshing, allowing you to be cool and go with you every day;
3.120G is light and portable, only the weight of 2 eggs, put it in your handbag casually, and you are not afraid of shopping and outings.