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Double-walled glasses

Material: Glass

Product size: 8.5 cm (diameter) x 9 cm (height)

Packing: Boxed

Isolate the temperature in the cup, and the hot water is not hot: It has a double-layer structure, and an insulating layer is formed between the inner and outer layers, which can effectively isolate the temperature in the cup, and it will not burn your hands when filling hot water.

Extended cold and heat retention: The double-glazed structure also provides better cold and heat retention, which can extend the holding time of the drink compared to traditional cups, and can enjoy cold or hot drinks for a longer time.

Cute, handmade, sturdy and lightweight: This glass is handcrafted with a cute shape design that not only looks great, but is also durable. At the same time, the lightweight design makes it very easy to pick up and carry.