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High temperature resistant food bags

Material:TPU + Polyester

Product dimensions: 15 x 15 x 27 cm

Packing:OPP bag

產品編號 KW3051 Category Tag

The heat-resistant food bag can reach up to 120 degrees, making it ideal for soup. It uses heatseal technology, there are no suture positions, and it is completely leak-proof. In addition, it has a clasp for a more secure extraction and can be attached to a backpack or cart. The food bag has a large capacity and can hold multiple loaves of bread, about 3 litres, with a round cushion at the bottom for support. Very easy to store, lightweight, easy to fold and roll up, and the size can be adjusted at will. In addition, it is made of oil-resistant and water-resistant TPU material, which is easy to clean.

It can be used for noodles, salads, ice cream, steamed buns, rice balls, fruits, breads, biscuits, muffins, and other foods. However, it is not recommended to put sauces with food coloring (such as chili oil, wasabi, curry) in it, because the TPU material on the inner layer has a strong adsorption power and is easy to stain.