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Hong Kong Metropolitan University

The Hong Kong Metropolitan University’s custom-made gifts for Christmas events are unique and cute with square towels to create a cake shape.



Christmas tree towel

Times Gifts is pleased to introduce you to our featured product – Christmas tree towels. This towel is a gift specially made by Hong Kong Metropolitan University for Christmas activities, and it is unique and cute to create a cake shape with a square towel. Times Gift provides towel customization and gift customization services to ensure that you can get the perfect gift that meets your needs.

This Christmas tree-shaped towel features a cake shape made of its square towel. The designer has carefully designed this shape to look like a mini Christmas tree, adding a strong festive atmosphere to the festive season. The material of the towel is soft and comfortable, suitable for everyday use, and at the same time a very interesting decoration.

The packaging is also very beautiful, and each Christmas tree-shaped towel is placed in a specially designed gift box that can be given directly as a gift to friends and family. This gift is not only suitable as a Christmas gift, but also as a gift for events such as Christmas parties, corporate gatherings, etc. Not only can it convey holiday wishes, but it can also add highlights and fun to the event.

If you are interested in Christmas tree towels, you can customize them according to your needs, including the color, size and packaging design of the towel. We are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent services to make your event gifts unique.