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Magnet phone holder

Material : PC
Dimensions : 37 x 37 x 50

產品編號 EL3106 Category

One-handed operation is simplified to complex, just one click, can be operated with one hand, one-click answer

It can also be used with a case, using 3M super rubber pad, with strong magnetic suction and stability, it is suitable for most mobile phone cases without fear of bumpy road conditions, and the mobile phone can also be firmly sucked with a case

The small size does not block the air outlet, does not block the line of sight, abandons the bulky, and the volume is reduced to half of the traditional bracket and does not occupy the space of the car, which is specially designed for vehicles

Silicone pad design, upgraded thickened silicone pad, bare metal does not need to worry about falling, 360° universal ball universal rotation ball, allowing you to adjust the angle at will

A high-quality mobile phone holder is not only a practical daily item, but also can be used as a corporate giveaway and become your promotional weapon. It combines elegant design with modern technology to add a chic aesthetic to your phone like a work of art.
Whether it’s a business gift, a corporate gift to a partner, or a promotional gift to increase brand exposure, it’s a great way to highlight your corporate brand.