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Match-shaped ballpoint pen

Material: Plastic
Size: 8.4cm
Package: Box

產品編號 ST4001 Category

Creative and cute fire shapes, do you want to write with matches when you were a child, now fulfill your wishes!
High-quality ink, clear handwriting, smooth and impermeable paper, that is, dry when written, not easy to retain ink

Smooth grip pen design, comfortable feel and easy to write, wear-resistant nib, smooth writing life, smooth and no ink leakage;

High-quality metal nib, practical, make writing better, write smoothly, silky ink, ink flow evenly when writing so that you can sway freely

High-quality nibs, 0.5mm bullet nibs, smoothness and abrasion resistance have been carefully tuned to ensure that every stroke can be presented smoothly and clearly on paper.

Creative and novel advertising pen is more suitable as event gifts, corporate gifts and promotional gifts, printing the company’s LOGO on the pen barrel can better promote the company’s brand and image;