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Milk carton note book

Material: Paper

Product dimensions: 80 x 70 mm

Packing:OPP bag

產品編號 ST3391 Category Tag

Creative milk carton note book shape, a variety of colors and styles are available, and the bottom is smooth out of paper

The writing is smooth and smooth, recording every detail, easy to tear without leaving glue, and the back is made of self-adhesive glue, which can be easily pasted on notebooks, books and desks and other items, and can be re-torn and re-pasted

Made of high-quality paper, the writing is smooth, allowing you to express your thoughts easily and fluently while writing

The colorful convenience strip is made of plant pigments, does not contain harmful substances, and is aromatic and odorless, so that you can use it with more peace of mind.

The cute and small shape is a good decoration on the desk, small and portable, and convenient to travel

The packaging box can be printed with a large area, the paper is smooth and can clearly print the LOGO or company brand, showing the company’s brand image, the printing content is clear and exquisite, to ensure the quality and quality of the product, as a business gift to give a surprise to the customer, to give the customer a practical and beautiful high-quality gift, so that the relationship with each other further;