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Mini vacuum machine


Product dimensions: height 85 mm / diameter 52 mm

Packing: Boxed

產品編號 EL3299 Category Tag

Multi-functional design: In addition to food preservation, it can also be used to compress clothes and save space. It is a multi-purpose home and travel companion.

Durable shell: The body adopts ABS shell, which has good durability and protection, and is suitable for long-term use.

Supporting accessories: Equipped with a special food silicone bag, which can be vacuum sealed to keep the food fresh and delicious. In addition, it can also be used with a food vacuum box for easy storage and carrying.

Eco-friendly and convenient: Food silicone bags and fresh-keeping storage bags are reusable, reducing the dependence on disposable packaging materials and being more environmentally friendly. At the same time, the operation is simple and convenient, ensuring the safety of use.

This mini vacuum machine provides you with convenient food preservation and laundry compression, which is both eco-friendly and practical. Ideal whether at home or on the go. Keep food fresh while saving space for a more convenient living experience.