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Non-woven stationery set

Size: 22*12.8cm

Material: non-woven fabric

Included accessories: ballpoint pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser glue, ruler

Color: Pantone color customization is available

Package: OPP

Stylish look, fall in love at first sight

Such sets usually include ballpoint pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, rulers and other accessories to meet people’s daily writing and drawing needs.

Simple and creative transparent pencil case, transparent and visible, easy to store and find items

Simple press switch, smooth pen without jamming, free retraction, high-quality spring, press many times and still maintain a fast rebound;

Writing is smooth, reliable and durable, and writing is easy and comfortable, just like flowing water

The pencil handwriting is clear, with a circular eraser on the top, which is easy to erase and clean without leaving ink, and can be modified at any time, which is convenient and practical

This stationery set is both stylish and practical, bringing a new stationery experience to students. Choose the non-woven stationery set of Times Gifts and customize a unique school gift for the school. Let the students feel the quality and care, but also show the innovation and taste of the school.