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Phone holder

Material : Silicone + TPU
Size : 90 x 35
Packing: Carton

產品編號 EL3101 Category

One-handed operation is simplified to complex, just one click, can be operated with one hand, one-click answer

It can also be used with a case, using 3M super rubber pad, with strong magnetic suction and stability, it is suitable for most mobile phone cases without fear of bumpy road conditions, and the mobile phone can also be firmly sucked with a case

Absorb firmly, grasp firmly as Mount Tai, more stable and anti-bumpy, and calmly deal with emergency braking/mountain road/speed bump

Times Gift is a professional Hong Kong corporate gift customization company, providing various types of customized services, including tablet holders, cork brackets, mobile phone holders, etc.;
Customized mobile phone holders can be used as corporate gifts, promotional gifts, business gifts and corporate gifts and other occasions, customized mobile phone holders can effectively convey your brand image and concept, so that the publicity effect is twice the result with half the effort.