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Portable dual-port USB extender

Material: ABS
Size: 8cm*8cm*1cm
Packing: OPP bag/carton

產品編號 EL4158 Category Tag

Expand at any time, unlimited connections! Portable dual-port USB extender provides you with a convenient experience!

Plug and play, no need to install any drivers, strong compatibility, compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc

Wireless in-line USB interface, the interface is sturdy and not easy to drop, firmly attached to the side, small and does not take up space, and the in-line design does not need to organize the data cable

Built-in multiple safety protection facilities, over-current, short circuit, anti-backfill design, protect the safety of the equipment, and the connection is more reliable!

USB extender is not only a practical daily necessities, but also a perfect carrier of corporate promotional gifts!!Times Gift is a professional Hong Kong corporate gift customization company, providing various types of customized services, including USB extenders, USB, power banks and other electronic digital customization, etc.;
Customized USB can be used as a corporate gift, promotional gift, business gift and corporate giveaway, etc., customized USB extender can effectively convey your brand image and concept, so that the publicity effect is twice the result with half the effort.