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PU coaster set

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Simple home leather coaster, heat insulation, anti-scalding, non-slip and stable, more comfortable to use

Textured life highlights quality, leather coaster, non-slip, heat-resistant, comfortable and easy to clean

Selected leather material, simple design style, with patterns or letters to show the fashion atmosphere, waterproof and wear-resistant, heat insulation and anti-scalding, do not hurt the desktop

Hand-pressed film cutting, ingenuity and craftsmanship pure hand-sewn edge thread, strong and firm without opening the edge, strong and durable is a good gift!

Stable and non-slip, double-sided, the leather texture is clear and grainy, plus the raised pattern, increasing the friction and playing an anti-slip role

Heat insulation and anti-scalding, anti-slip and wear-resistant, 2MM thickened material, play the role of heat insulation and anti-scalding, leather material is not afraid of cuts and forks without scratches

The surface color is bright and suitable for printing various patterns, the pattern printing is clear, concave and convex, and the LOGO or promotional slogan is printed on the surface, which can be used as promotional gifts, event gifts or corporate gifts;

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