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Tear-and-paste sticky notes

300本      HKD1950
500本      HKD2750 
600本      HKD3000

Material: 80 grams of book paper

Size: 75*75mm

Pages: 100

Packing: Single OPP bag

Printing: Single-sided color printing per page

The 75*75mm square paper is small, convenient and easy to carry, and can be put into a backpack or pocket with you

The selection of high-quality 80g rice Huangdaolin paper, the absorption of ink is uniform, easy to write, the feel is smooth and delicate, people can’t put it down;

The writing is smooth and smooth, recording every detail, easy to tear without leaving glue, and the back is made of self-adhesive glue, which can be easily pasted on notebooks, books and desks and other items, and can be re-torn and re-pasted

You can write on both sides, the color of the paper is elegant and comfortable, and the yellow or blue is soft and not dazzling, which effectively protects your eyesight

The colorful background color can be printed with LOGO or pattern, and the transparent OPP packaging bag is the best choice as a promotional gift or event giveaway

The notebook can be customized in size, shape, number of sheets, thickness, etc
Whether you want to customize corporate gifts or corporate gifts, you only need to tell us the demand, and you can quickly order, no matter how much the quantity, the construction period is efficient, and the delivery is on time.

Applicable scenes: Hong Kong gift companies, promotional gifts, advertising gifts, business gifts