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USB mini halterneck small fan

Material : Plastic
Size : 130 x 85 x 40
Packing: Boxed

產品編號 FA3014 Category


Need a little coolness in the hot summer, want not to hinder work, play or free your hands? Then choose the USB mini halterneck fan is more suitable! It is simply a cool weapon anytime and anywhere, whether it is the multi-functional design of the halterneck or desktop fan, or the appearance of the cute ice cream shape, it can bring a trace of cool breeze to the summer! Small size, put it in the bag can be taken away, halterneck design, completely free your hands! It is really a must-have artifact in summer!
1. Three-speed adjustable comfortable natural wind, light sound operation is as quiet as natural wind, 30 decibels of silent air supply, very little noise;
2. After charging for 3 hours, you can use it for 6-8 hours of long-lasting battery life, and enjoy the long-lasting coolness of summer;
3. Breathable fiber halterneck rope, light and convenient, easy to carry out, cool summer anytime, anywhere;
4. Hand-held halterneck is used in two ways, which is comfortable to hold and makes it more convenient for you to use.