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USB outdoor neck fan

Material: ABS+PP
Size : 40 x 82 x 118
Packing: Boxed

產品編號 FA3015 Category


In the summer heat, you can free your hands, hang the coolness around your neck, and enjoy the waves, sunshine and ice cream! Even if you go with it all day, you can not bear it! It is even so light that you can’t feel its existence, so that you can easily wear it all day! Although it is small, the wind force far exceeds its size, which can quickly relieve heavy sweating! Three levels of wind speed, super endurance, adjust the temperature at will, let you have a refreshing afternoon!
1. A variety of ways to use, you can hang your neck, you can put it on the desktop, and even hold it in your hand;
2. Innovative air outlet, even if it is hung on the neck, it will not affect the wind power because of blocking;
3.2000mAh super large battery, once charged, can be used for a day, no need to worry about battery life.