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Wireless portable small speaker

Size: 12cm*7cm*16cm
Color: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green

產品編號 EL4007 Category Tag

The sound quality is extraordinary, it is simply a singing artifact, an unimaginable 360° sound experience, and a full-range stereo speaker surrounds 3D stereo restoration!

Bluetooth audio with strong compatibility, support a variety of ways to play, Bluetooth, TF card, USB playback are readily available

A variety of colors are available, and the choice of macaron colors can meet your various needs

Skin-friendly feel, using high-quality ABS environmentally friendly materials, comfortable and delicate feel, gentle touch feel makes you love it

In addition, Times Gifts can also customize customer LOGOS according to your needs, so that this Bluetooth speaker can become your unique souvenir or event gift. It is suitable for use on various occasions, and is suitable for promotional gifts, event gifts, corporate gifts, and corporate gifts to customers, giving customers an extraordinary gift-giving experience.