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Compressed towel set

Material: Cotton

Packing: Bag

產品編號 TW3023 Category Tag

The compressed towel set is soft and delicate, skin-friendly and comfortable, bringing you a clean and reassuring experience. The towel is fluorescent-free, clean and hygienic, caring for your skin and making you feel clean like no other.
The compressed towel set is small and portable, space-saving, and can be carried anywhere, anytime. The towel is moisture-absorbent, breathable, soft and skin-friendly, and takes better care of your skin. Made with plant fibers, it’s soft and skin-friendly. The fabric is thickened, soft to the touch, gentle on the skin, and brings you a comfortable feeling.
The production process adopts anilox technology, which has strong water absorption, flexibility and is not easy to tear, and it is not easy to lose lint, bringing you a refreshing and comfortable experience. Whether it’s a business trip, a sport or a daily use, the compressed towel set will be a good helper for you.

&Contains a variety of towels, one top set!&
The compressed towel travel kit contains:
Compressed towel x 2 25x38cm
Compressed bath towel x 2 70x100cm
Compressed face towel x 2 20x22cm
Compressed pillowcase x 2 70x50cm
Choose the compressed towel set of the era gifts, so that you can feel the difference between cleanliness and comfort, and make your life more convenient and pleasant!

A custom compressed towel set is a unique and practical gift option. It not only has the characteristics of softness and delicacy, skin-friendly and comfortable, but also has the characteristics of small and portable, which is very suitable for corporate gifts and gives customers a unique gift experience.