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Children’s cotton towels

Towel size: 52cm *26cm
Packing: Bag

產品編號 TW4006 Category

Care for delicate skin, soft towels, using delicate fabrics, soft to the touch, give children a soft touch like clouds, so that children feel gentle care.
The bamboo fiber is delicate and fluffy, easy to clean, the terry is neat and soft, breathable, light and easy to absorb
Choose delicate and fluffy bamboo fiber fabric, which is not only easy to clean, but also neat and soft terry, bringing a comfortable touch to children. The breathable and lightweight feature makes the towel more absorbent, so that children can feel excellent water absorption performance when using it.
Lightweight, fluffy and breathable, it allows the skin to breathe freely for a comfortable and refreshing experience.
It feels as delicate as baby’s skin, and it is soft and absorbent to use with confidence after bathing
Selected healthy materials to care for every inch of children’s skin. The bamboo fiber color towel has a delicate feel and is as soft as a baby’s skin.
Take this towel as an event gift to bring more children, and let the children’s cotton soft towel take care of every child!