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Cute pet shaped bento lunch box

Material: 304 inner tank + PP shell
Size: 19*19*13 cm
Packing: OPP bag or carton


The cute pet shaped bento lunch box is a unique and cute gift option. Its design is inspired by a variety of cute pets, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, etc., with bright colors and realistic shapes that can attract people’s attention. Not only does this bento lunch box have a cute appearance, but it is also practical, able to hold different kinds of food and keep them fresh and warm.

Times Gift provides gift customization services, and you can customize cute pet shaped lunch boxes according to your needs and preferences. You can choose from different kinds of cute pet shapes, or print personalized patterns to make the gift more unique and personal. We can also print corporate logos or personal names according to your requirements to add special meaning to the gift.

In addition to the bento lunch box itself, Times Gifts also provides tableware customization services, and you can choose matching tableware, such as spoons, forks, chopsticks, etc. These cutlery are paired with a bento box to not only make them easy to carry, but also enhance the overall dining experience. We can choose safe and non-toxic materials to make tableware to ensure comfortable and healthy use.

Times Gifts also provides customized lunch box services, and you can choose different sizes and compartment designs to meet different dietary needs. The cute pet shaped bento box is designed with food separation and heat preservation in mind, allowing you to carry a variety of foods while maintaining the integrity and deliciousness of your food. This bento lunch box is suitable for various occasions, such as school, office, picnic, etc.

The cute pet-shaped bento lunch box is also an ideal corporate gift choice. You can print your company’s logo or slogan on a bento lunch box to showcase your corporate image and brand values. This can not only serve as a practical gift, but also increase the visibility and image of the business.

As a kind of Hong Kong gift, the cute and cute pet-shaped bento lunch box combines cuteness and practicality, showing the creativity and vitality of Hong Kong. It is a unique and practical gift option, whether as a souvenir, a festive gift or a gift, to showcase Hong Kong’s unique charm.