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Glass fresh-keeping lunch box set

Cold and heat-resistant food contact material, double sealing does not drip, middle separation three-dimensional packaging does not cross odor, silicone ring combined with buckle, fresh and carried without spilling.

Color: Green/Pink/Blue
Material: glass + silicone + PP
Size: small/medium/large


Times Gifts offers customized glass fresh-keeping lunch box sets as an option for eco-friendly tableware.

Cold and heat resistant food contact material: The food box is made of high-quality glass material, which has good cold and heat resistance. It can be put in frozen food or hot food to maintain the temperature and texture of the food.

Double sealing non-dripping: the food box has excellent sealing performance, and adopts a design that combines silicone ring and buckle. Whether placed flat or tilted, there will be no oil leakage or soup leakage, making the meal safer and more convenient.

Intermediate separation three-dimensional packaging does not carry over flavors: The inside of the food box is designed with a middle partition, which can separate different foods and avoid the flavors of food from cross-flavoring. A variety of foods can be carried while maintaining their original taste and freshness.

Silicone ring combined with buckle to keep fresh and carry without splashing: The food box is equipped with a combination of silicone ring and buckle, which makes the food box more effective in preservation. Whether you put it in your bag or carry it in your hand, there will be no spills, making your meal more secure.

Times Gifts offers a customized service that can be printed or engraved according to needs to make the lunch box set unique. Whether it’s a custom lunch box for corporate promotion, or a silicone lunch box for personal gifts, a custom glass fresh-keeping lunch box set will bring you a unique and practical experience.