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Fast charger gallium nitride charger

Material : PC

產品編號 EL3224 Category


PD 33W charging is too fast
The 33W high-power output accelerates charging more efficiently, charging for half an hour, and lasts all day
Proactively protect your safety
8-fold safety protection intelligent protection, the system to avoid short circuit, overcharge, overvoltage and other situations
Integrate multiple fast charging protocols to handle multiple devices in one package
Compatible with PD3.0, QC4+, QC3.0, SCP, MTK and other fast charging, mobile phones, tablets, and Switch charging is more efficient
Upgrading the chip does not get hot, and it does not hurt the machine
The built-in intelligent chip automatically recognizes the charging power of different devices, effectively preventing unstable output from damaging the battery
62% charge in 20 minutes, 3x faster charging
It only takes 1 hour to charge with the PD protocol, and it can be fully charged to 62% in 20 minutes, realizing Apple’s true fast charging
Smaller size
33W of power is condensed into a smaller size, which is smaller and more portable than older chargers
One is enough
Compatible with more than 99% of digital electronic devices, it is enough to take me with me when I go out
Fast heat dissipation, constant temperature on all sides
The high heat-resistant ABC material can quickly remove the heat from the body out of the shell and maintain a good constant temperature for charging
In addition, the GaN charger can also be used as a promotional gift, not only to associate the brand with modern technology, but also to provide practical functions and promotional effects. Let our gifts help you attract more attention and convey the values and image of your business.