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Biodegradable straw wireless charger

Material: Wheat straw

產品編號 EL3143 Category

【Degradable wheat straw wireless charger】
Natural and beautiful, environmentally friendly and degradable!
Environmental protection has become a hot topic that modern people pay attention to, and people pay more attention to the development of environmental protection!
🌾 Wheat straw material, natural texture, environmentally friendly and non-toxic!
🌱 Biodegradable design, maintain the global environment, easy to recycle!
⚡️ Automatic matching, no need to remove the phone case, fast charging does not hurt the machine!
🔒 The bottom is soft silicone, stable and non-slip, and it is safer to charge!
🎨 A variety of shapes and styles are available to cater to different styles!
💡 Indicator style, charging status at a glance!
Choosing a degradable wheat straw wireless charger can not only meet your charging needs, but also show your concern for environmental protection and the pursuit of natural beauty!

Degradable wheat straw wireless charger is not only a daily necessities, but also a carrier of corporate publicity!
Choose the customized gifts of the times, so that the corporate image is more eye-catching, so that the company’s publicity is more powerful.